Dedicated escape

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Dedicated escape

dedicated escape

Imagine in this game you are a detective who have been working on a case which involves a mysterious homicide which took place a couple of years ago in your small town. One day a worker of.

A peaceful and picturesque lake home vacation rental awaits you and your loved ones in Chetek , WI. Take a ride in a boat, or grab your rod and reel for an afternoon. Escapology is the.

Games4King - G4K Dedicated Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. This game dedicated to all G4K players. Just assume that you got locked in a old.

Dedicated Escape is point and click escaping game from Games4King. Explore abandoned location, search for clues and objects. Solve puzzles and open exit to escape. Have fun! Play the.

Here is the walkthrough video of the Dedicated Escape developed by Games 4.

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G4K Dedicated Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King.Com This Game Dedicated To All G4K Players. Just Assume that you got locked in a Old House, so.

Siete chiusi dentro una vecchia casa disabitata, nessuno può aiutarvi tranne il vostro istinto e la vostra abilità nel risolvere i puzzle. Cercate gli oggetti utili a risolvere gli enigmi.

If you are interested in escape games which include fewer clues and fewer passwords, Dedicated Escape is what you seek. But you are about to understand that fewer clues mean difficult.

Dedicated Escape Just assume that you got locked in an old House, so you will need try to escape from the house, by solving the puzzles. Click on object to interact and solve puzzles. Play.